Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KingCast sees MBF Leasing lawsuits proceeding all over the Country, but big business dupe and racist NH AG Kelly Ayotte ignored my complaints about these scumbags.

And I do mean scumbags. MBF Leasing are absolute scumbags, but I guess Kelly Ayotte didn't care about my complaint against them here as noted in the Kelly Ayotte legacy post in NH because (mutually inclusive):
1. I'm black and she is a racist.
2. The victims I tried to help are largely Indian.
3. She is a big business dupe, look at her contributors.
4. She is a big business dupe, as noted by the fact that at least one of her $10K plus contributors, Taxmasters, is being sued by the Texas AG watch the FOX News video.
Clean up Washington and back door politics, please.

And this two-bit hypocrite had the nerve to go after Paul Hodes for accepting Charlie Rangel's money, gosh she is a loathsome creature.

Final Amended Complaint of Just Film, Inc. v. MBF Leasing, Read the 29 November 2011 Decision quite favorable to Plaintiffs (link coming)  and watch this 2009 WABC video out of New York, "Class Action Anger."
Kelly Ayotte makes a horrible choice for a U.S. Senator, and her legal staff isn't pleasing me too much either, just a bunch of folks from McLane, Graf busy influence peddling with its former staff attorneys, some of whom are presiding over my Free Press/Racial lawsuit, KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501 (Complaint + Pending Memoranda.
And given what I do as an online documentary film maker, I will be in touch with Just Film tomorrow. I miss the days of BW film photography.
I can't believe Kelly Ayotte is allowed to present herself as such a great family person -- look at her website picture, throwing her children into the political fray -- when her political values repeatedly lack integrity and her hatred of Free Press and Open Government is antithetical to everything we teach children in school. And she lets bad cops assault and terrorize women, even with a knife. She sucks. This post is my Holiday Gift to America, for more on Kelly run her name on my YouTube channel KingCast65.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KingCast set to appear on NH Capital Access TV with Denis Goddard and Lydia Harman; discussion on KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD and other Civil Rights and Media matters.

I've got to finish my Memoranda Contra Motions to Dismiss and my Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions today in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD2010-CV-501 so that will be an all day project, but meanwhile I have to figure some things out. Capital Access is a high-quality show and I am thrilled to join the ranks of State Rep. Vaillancourt, Attorney Kirk Simoneau, forer U.S. Treasury wonk Bob Bestani, U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Bender, activist and videographer Carla Gericke, (remember Maryland biker Anthony Graber and gun-toting Trooper David Uhler?). If a trooper cleared leather like that on me across the dash of my Ninja he'd be facing a lawsuit I'll say that much.

And I roll video of LE all the time, here's one in Mass, they look me up and know better than to charge me with that bullshit, they've already made their run on me and lost it years ago when I was NAACP Legal Chair in Southern NH.

Anyway yah, I just got the invite, have to work on the timing as Scott Hyman's case (video) FINALLY has a hearing after he and his former neighbors prevailed to the tune of $1.7M against the Hemlock Association in Lakeville, MA after the urine, feces, busted windows and Swastikas came to town. Now the stall game comes with Motions for New Trial and JNOV, when the objection set forth by the Defense Counsel actually point to possible malpractice, if anything. If Richard Serkey didn't want testimony coming in about the Bad Acts then he should have objected but I'm 99% certain he didn't. Anyway, all dude wanted to do was build a house on a quiet island and chill, and they screwed him mercilessly, someone burned him out of his nearby home, and FOX-TV stopped covering the case, but I had a copy of their old coverage and used it with attribution, hahahahaaaa....