Monday, August 9, 2010

KingCast salutes Black, Chapman, Webber & Stevens and India Minchoff & Steve Kuzman for being progressive Civil Rights/Personal Injury firms.

When I saw the hits coming from Oregon I thought it was my old pal and another do-goodnik lawyer Lara Johnson from the Case Western/Diebold days, or Parliament of One blog, whose brother was jacked-up by Bad Cop Brian Cox on Corvallis, but in fact it was not. In fact it was Black, Chapman, and in fact these cats are some of the biggest, baddest attorneys in Northern California, and cool cats who run video choose KingCast and KingCast65 on YouTube.

Lawyers are some of the most backwards, slowest groups of people when it comes to technology, but some lawyers get it, including Boston's India Minchoff and Steve Kuzma, featured above. They recently secured an historic $1.7M verdict in the Anti-Semitic housing case of Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association in Lakeville, MA. I'll be calling the Court today to check up on the JNOV/New Trial Motions.

Courtroom, settlement and Day-in-the-Life videos are where it's at, and I've been running video from my own trials back in the '90's as I noted above and in this post and in this post. Moreover, several years ago we successfully used settlement video in our case against the overtime-abusing, stock option-backdating racist scumbags at American Tower Corporation, as noted in this Omar Thornton/Budweiser post. Reel News for Real Lawyers.

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