Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KingCast asks "Who is Bill Christy and why is he so racist against me over Michael Isreal's case and Manchester Police reporting?"

Boo yah!

The Franconia interloper and likely government plant "Bill Christy" (only a stage name, he told me "good luck finding me, it's only a stage name") He shows up and trash talks Michael Isreal and me only because he views us as niggers. He said so. The racist thing is, the SAME DAMN THING allegedly happened to him, and he goes on to say "I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department."

Here's the Finding of Fact and Law (I won over the objection and Appeal of my former boss, Ohio AG "Bloody Betty" Montgomery, another fascist AG) that Mr. Isreal was made a Victim of Violent Crime at the hands of the Police "buildup of fluid and inflammation in his neck" read it and weep Mr. Bill, you are indeed a hypocritical racist scumbag cracker, and you joined the Franconia Collective only to gather information for the government and your racist friends.


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