Monday, March 1, 2010

Governor Patrick promises KingCast before hundreds at Town Hall meeting: "There will be a thorough investigation on CORI/Marinova Defamation leak."

"I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy," His Excellency emphatically stated.

And true to form, now you see the APOLOGY for the DOC wasting my precious time on an attempted visit with Darrell Jones, a model citizen who could have been wrongfully convicted, but who is, regardless, one hell of a philanthropist. All of this will be told, and we are going to talk about the interlopers too, as the Jamaicans would say "The Informers."

Hey Sam Shaulson, you still claiming that I "claim to be a journalist?"

There are two videos (well, three actually but it's strictly a music video) uploading from tonight's Town Hall meeting with Governor Deval Patrick at Pastor Bruce Walls' Global Ministries Christian Church. The Governor stood in and took some serious questions about a number of issues, including prison reform from Sarah Okolita and Yours Truly. She asked about suicides and Aid to Incarcerated Mothers program loss of funding while I asked about the clear cut CORI violation (it provided the impetus for this lawsuit that will be filed any day now) that was the major subject of a TOUCH 106.1 FM Touch Beat radio segment, listen up at bottom because you know the New York Times sure is.

I told everybody back on 9 Jan 2010 in Touch FM blog that this was coming down the pike because of the emails between Joanna Marinova and Patrick's Cabinet member Mary Beth Heffernan, who unfortunately was not in attendance this evening.

When reached for comment this evening via telephone, Mr. Jones stated:
"I am glad that he promised an investigation into the deliberate acts of deceit by certain DOC staff, and I am also notifying the Republican party because of the serious nature of the violations. I will find the Republican Committee member who stated that they wanted a thorough investigation so that they are kept aware of everything."

And State Rep Fox told me that most of the people involved have been moved out of the area, major personnel shakeups. I can't wait to read the third party discovery responses when they come in.
Here's your back story:

For Sam Shaulson and Citibank liars:


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