Thursday, February 11, 2010

KingCast extends gratitude to New England Newspaper & Press Association as an accepted member, so now Suffolk DA Dan Conley will play nice.

Thanks guys, now we can put an end to the shenanigans witnessed in this YouTube video.

Of course we all know that DA Conley knew I had court credentials from Judge Brady and he knew that other respected people in the Criminal Justice field had applauded and top-ranked my blog (see comments) but whatever, when you are fighting oppression you need all of the weapons you can get, and by golly dammit you bet I'm going to get them.

Shaulson: "King claims he's a journalist...."

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  1. Also by the time Dan Conley pulled his little gangster move he was well aware of who I am, and that Masters in Criminal Justice had top-ranked my personal blog with the ACLU.

    30 Return Visits here:

    They were aware that I had praised the DA's on another murder case, and they were aware of, my main website portal, so Conley was just being a hater, pure and simple and I caught him on camera, as did an observer I spoke with yesterday who is trying to load the video and a picture of press secretary Jake Wark giggling like a little girl on to a CD to present to me.

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