Monday, January 4, 2010

KingCast says, "Well look what the cat dragged in: A Citibank employee discrimination case and the Citibank video to MCAD."

Update: For the employee discrimination email summary read the comments.

It was like a Quest for the Holy Grail, as noted. I hope I get a chance to review and narrate it for MCAD officials tomorrow!

You can tell they didn't want to produce it, at one point even begging MCAD not to let me even see it because I had my opportunity to describe the events:
"First, there is no reason for Mr. King to be provided with a copy of the video of his March 24, 2009 visit to the Citibank South End Branch. Mr. King was there at the branch and has already reported his version of the events, including going to the branch with case law in hand to argue Mr. Gillenwater's case.... to the extent that MCAD believes that Mr. King has some need to view the video...."

Sorry Sam but you're damn right I have a need to view the video and MCAD wants me to view the video with them. Your position was baseless and MCAD saw right through it. I did have case law in hand because your client had already reneged on its specific promise to cash Mr. Gillenwater's check, yet you now claim you don't have those videos even though my lawyer and I specifically warned you and your client about evidence spoliation. Wait until Mr. Gillenwater goes to MCAD next, hahaha..... You just don't want to show the part where Carlo Caramanna walks up to me as the Decision Maker and denies me the right to open an account because you lied and said the Decision Maker was the black teller, even though she doesn't have the authority to address escalated issues as noted in your own Branch Manager Position Description.

That's my friend Oliver's cat taking care of a local mouse, or a smaller rat than Citibank. Oliver is the NH lobbyist (and Liko Kenney's friend) who introduced me to the Franconia shooting tragedy, now the subject of Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." We are in the KingCast Franconia 5/11 video, asking Governor Lynch and Kelly Ayotte's people when, if ever, they were going to conduct a community fact-finding mission. The answer was of course never. Here we are at the book launch.

You newbies remember that I sustained Findings of Fact and Law that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte acted illegally.


  1. Of course if the video is spliced or anything taken out, we're going to get right into the issue of the Rule of Completeness.

    -The KingCaster.

    (You know, the guy who purportedly doesn't know his Civil Procedure Rules and whatnot).

  2. I'm not authorized to provide this individual's full identity or what type of discrimination it was, but the email I received this morning is pretty well-sorted and speaks to the same type of issues I have been exposing with these scum-sucking rat pigs for the past several months.

    The passages I can quote without identifying the individual are:


    The person may or may not be currently employed by the Citi empire, and the person most definitely is a female. Or perhaps it is a male. The person writes, in part:

    But First, I couldn't agree more with Citibank being a part of the mortgage Crisis. About ____ years ago (before I worked for Citi) I attended a "Primerica" seminar, which is a pyramid scam that was a part of Citi. I followed it for a while to see how far the corruption would go. I watched of them going into low income neighborhoods selling the American dream of buying a home by "selling" them mortgages they could not afford and separate equity loans for their debt.

    They would also brain wash the residents of those neighborhoods by giving them the impression they would get rich quick by becoming a part of the Primerica team and giving them referrals of friends and relatives who they would then contact and give even more mortgages and equity loans to.

    It went on for years and Primerica or "Citi" is responsible for thousands upon thousands of bad mortgages because of this deceptive practice all in the name of making a dollar. I knew one of the "Top Dogs" of a Pyramid in [State withheld at present] who doctored applications of impressionable poor "clients" of his and a couple hundred people who was under his pyramid. It was pretty sick.


    “…………Eventually I was convinced by my manager to speak with human resources because even though I expressed my disapproval the harassment persisted.
    Although he was "let go" in the end.

    The investigation was intentionally botched by human resources (the details would be too lengthy to describe), the harassment lasted even though I had physical proof of the harassment. H.R tried its hardest to find flaws in the facts.

    They offered me no sympathy and I was initially treated as if I was just some "unwanted whistle blower".

    Citi has not been compliant with supplying the details of the investigation to the EEOC and deny all claims of harassment…….

    You seem pretty knowledgeable with the corruption in Citibank, do you think there is anything else I could do? A letter to someone? Also, do you think it would be worth going public or to the press with my story, would they even be interested? How would I do it?.............”