Wednesday, January 6, 2010

KingCast introduces a new friend: Cancer survivor Jeanne Sather from "The Assertive Cancer Patient." They canceled her loan without cause.

Hey Citibank, Morgan Lewis and Attorney Sam Shaulson:

Read it and weep, guys, just as I called Citibank a bunch of misogynist pigs the other day relative to the uterine cancer victim and her estate, and sure enough Jeanne Sather claims that Citibank unlawfully terminated her HELOC (equity) Loan because she had cancer.

She paid on time but they did it anyway. I'm going to dedicate the next part of my life to assembling people like these employees who have valid complaints about Citibank and Morgan Lewis and putting them into one clearing house,

Ms. Sather: You GO Girl!

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  1. Complaining to the FTC About Citibank

    Here is the text of my complaint to the FTC about Citibank's "suspending" (i.e., cancelling) my home equity line of credit:

    I have a home equity line of credit with Citibank. I received a letter from Citibank dated May 12 that said it was suspending my home equity line of credit because of a change in my financial circumstances.

    According to the FTC Web site, a bank cannot do this unless the borrower fails to make payments. I have always made my payments on time and usually paid more than the minimum required payment.

    Also, my financial circumstances (and my credit report) are no worse than they were when Citibank increased my home equity LOC last October, and refinanced my home mortgage in early 2006. I am happy to document all of this.

    Need to make a complaint to the FTC? Here's the form (it's easy):

    FTC complaint form

    I'll be calling Citibank soon. Here are the phone numbers I got off the Web for Citibank PR people, who are more sensitive to this kind of issue than the folks in the Business Service Center, which cancelled my home equity LOC.


    Corporate: 212-793-0710

    Global Consumer Group: 212-559-1299
    (Credit Cards, Consumer Finance, Retail Banking, Women&Co.)

    Corporate and Investment Banking: 212-816-6750
    (Capital Markets and Banking, Global Transaction Services)

    Global Wealth Management: 212-783-2781
    (Citigroup Private Bank, Smith Barney)

    Citigroup Alternative Investments: 212-793-5462
    (Hedge Funds, Credit Structures, Private Equity, Real Estate)

    I haven't decided yet which of the PR folks I'll call. Maybe all of them.

    @ Jeanne Sather 2008.