Monday, January 11, 2010

Citibank finally releases Boston bank video showing Morgan Lewis partner Sam Shaulson to be a lying rat.

Funny, I called it months ago and most recently on 27 December 2009 when I told Morgan Lewis Partner Sam Shaulson to quit being so niggardly with the production of the Citibank video.

The salient points are these:

They did not show the part of the videos where JRT and I are sitting together in the lobby, just chilling out, waiting for Derrick.

Significantly, at no point in time do Carlo Caramanna and his co-worker appear concerned about any threat of physical violence whatsoever.
JRT walks out, I'm right behind her, and I tell Carlo what he is without breaking stride, and Mr. Gillenwater breaks stride for about 10-15 seconds to tell him to watch his back because we were going to sue them, and he too, walks out without incident. Mr. Gillenwater and I spoke about this the other day and he's definitely coming forward. At any rate, Carlo Caramanna and his co-worker casually lock the door and saunter back inside, at which point they made the bogus call to 911 to cover their tracks and try to make us out to be threatening.

That my friends, is why they don't want the video circulating.

The Affidavit as to specific facts I will post after I make some dinner (ginger sea scallops, baby bok choy, auricularia, pan-fried spicy noodles and, ummmmm..... eggplant -- how appropriate!).


  1. And your great-great-great-great grandmother.......

  2. Citibank.... not too swift.

    But we already know that, because if they were they would have reserved a long time ago hahahaaaa..... watch it grow in the coming years.

    -The KingCaster.

  3. Hey Sam,

    Whaddya, got Sills Cummis with you, gearing up for an IP battle with me about your blog?

    IP Address [Label IP Address]
    Country United States
    Region New Jersey
    City Newark
    ISP Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross

    Bring it, dude. The Jury sides with me every time, especially after they start reading the file documents.

    Or is Sills reading this blog to share a laugh with me, either way I'm like Alfred E. Newman.

    Parody. Opinion. Fair Use. Criticism, all of it. Start your reading here. You and Citibank really stepped in it, but it's hardly the first time some stuffed-shirt high-dollar lawyer thought they could lie and get away without recompense.

    Your Hell Ride will continue until I decide I am finished with it, you got that?

    Remember, in your own words you said "Chris King is a prolific blogger....."

    At least you got one thing right.

    Care for a Chesterfield?

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  4. Dear Ms. Hickey,

    I have received Respondent's employee statements and am preparing my Affidavit regarding same and will file later today.

    Keep in mind of course that the allegations of my "rant and unpleasant scene" and "loud rant" belie my relaxed body posture; I barely raised my voice even though you can see when Carlo Caramanna picked up the phone and threatened to have me arrested I kept cool calm and collected.

    Very truly yours,

    Christopher King, J.D.