Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KingCast will appeal disciplinary committee dismissal of Rule 3.3 Ethics Complaint against Sam Shaulson.

Dear Attorney Friedberg. I am surprised you dismissed the case rather than hold it open pending further discovery. Don't you want to view the videotape in question to see who the Decision Maker was?

I'll be back in touch within 30 days, as MCAD is expecting Attorney Shaulson to present the video to them, then I will review it and provide a step-by-step narrative. I'm sure that Attorney Shaulson will hurry up with that video because after all, it purportedly bolsters his client's position.

Thank you and have a great Holiday Season!

-Christopher King, J.D.

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  1. You know how you can tell that Citibank and Sam Shaulson are full of dookie-bombs?

    Back on 2 December or so they filed a Memorandum that indicated they would provide the video "immediately."

    I have stipulated that I will only watch it according to the terms of MCAD, i.e. in their office with supervision -- yet and still almost three (3) weeks later, no video.

    If this video were as damning against me as Citibank lawyer Ben Velella immplied to my lawyer, they would have slammed it on the table a long time ago, but as it is, the video is indeed my trump card, not theirs.

    -The Narrator.