Wednesday, December 23, 2009

KingCast and NAACP say Bah, Humbug Scrooge awards of the Decade go to Citibank, Sam Shaulson, Morgan Lewis et al.

UPDATE: NAACP v. Ameriquest Mortg. Co., Citigroup et al., 635 F. Supp. 2d 1096 (2009), more on this in a new post, but basically NAACP sued Citibank and others for Community Reinvestment Act violations, which effectively removes the only good score they had from the 2007 NAACP report featured below.

I already told you about Ohio AG Marc Dann suing Citibank for huckstering young students, and almost every multinational banking scam involves Citibank. I've been listing Enron, Ohio, California, Mexico, Russia and some of the others here.

But now I see that they were ripping off more schools and students and settled that out for a couple million, no doubt after they already made 40 or 400 times that much through their illegal practices.

If Citibank ever tries to sell you on its commitment to racial diversity or Green investment portfolio, don't believe it because the Green America Responsible Shopper wrote: Citigroup's record proves that its desire for profits come at the expense of environmental and social sustainability.
Citigroup received a “C” grade on the 2007 NAACP Economic Reciprocity Initiative report. The grade reflects a measurement of corporate America's commitment to African Americans and other people of color. Companies were surveyed for their activity in employment, vendor development and contracting, advertising and marketing, dealerships and philanthropy.

The Corporate Library named Citigroup as "worst overall" in its listing of the Ten Worst Large US Boards in 2003....

In May 2004 Citigroup agreed to pay $2.65 billion to investors in WorldCom...

In August 2003 Citigroup Global Markets' brokerage division was fined $1 million by the New York Stock Exchange.....

And hot damn they even had to settle a claim of unlawful discrimination filed by an atheist, so Citibank will stick it to whomever is walking by, apparently. I love the "being a disturbance" line of crap; same one they used on me. This goes straight to MCAD, showing a pattern and practice of conduct by these scum-sucking money laundering rat pigs at Citibank.

And of course we need say no more about Morgan Lewis than the fact that they are considered a No Hire Factory and unlawfully failed to indemnify their own former lawyer for work he performed for Morgan Lewis, see Cassady v. Morgan Lewis, 145 Cal. App. 4th 220; 51 Cal. Rptr. 3d 527; 2006 Cal. App. LEXIS 1877 (2006)



  1. I love cartoons.

    -Your Humble Narrator.

  2. Note that the only area in which Citi scored an "A" is pure profit-driven and/or was paid for through TARP, meaning by and through you and me, Joe and Josephine Taxpayer.

    Even then we see the Gov't is still screwed, upside down on their stock shares.

    Note that I said a long time ago that Big Money was not my Deal in this case, and that I wanted them more active in the community.

    Listen to me say it on video 29 Oct.

    So there you go.