Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Attorney Shaulson: MCAD is still waiting for your call.

I spoke with Keith Healey this morning. They have not heard from you despite the fact that you said you would produce at least one video "immediately" if MCAD did not give it to me directly. I agreed with that pending outcome on the Motion to Compel/Spoliation issues for the other videos that show "JRT" opening her account.

So at any rate I'm busy with this potty-mouth fella' -- a former JAG Attorney he says -- who is fond of dropping the MF Bomb (as your employees did to me in that video you allegedly don't have anymore) Nigger Bomb and Tarbaby stuff my way, but go on ahead so we can get the show on the road and you can bolster your client's position!

-Christopher King, J.D.

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